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About Us

Our client’s vision is always our starting point.  

We’ve learned to listen to how our clients see their ultimate living space. We spend a lot of time listening to our clients articulate what they aim to achieve. Every customer wants a very specific and bespoke way of living. We dovetail our designs and working practices to their requirements and their needs.

Our clients are welcome to be as hands-on or hands-off as they require during the construction or refurbishment processes. We are happy to talk through all our techniques at any level of detail. Conversely, many of our clients live busy lives and are happy for us just to hand back their project key-ready’.

However large or small, from a dovetailed joint in a drawer to an indoor heated swimming pool, the smallest detail and the largest centrepieces all go to provide the final living and breathing effect.

Both the construction industry and the interior design industry are constantly improving and changing. We know the present developments and also keep abreast of the coming trends for the next season.

Finally, we like to encourage people to be bolder in their choices for finding the perfect coming together of comfort and luxury. We suggest but the customer always decides.